Question: Can You Use VW Parts On Audi?

Are Audi and Volkswagen parts the same?

VW owns Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Seat.

Many parts are interchangable.

Most Audis have more expensive suspension and interiour parts.

Engines on the lower line Audi’s have the same engines as the VWs..

Can I take my Audi to VW dealership?

A VW dealership can do the work, its up to them whether or not they will take an Audi in for service. Warranty work on the other hand must be done at an Audi dealership. Laws prevent Audi from voiding any part of the warranty if you do the service yourself or elseswhere.

Is Audi more reliable than VW?

Winner: Audi Audi has an average safety score of 9.7, as calculated from the brands’ 2017 models, while VW has an average safety score of 9.2.

Do seat use VW parts?

Also, VW Group also owns/sells Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche, Lamborghini and Seat. So it is even murkier than you state. So the difference is in, predictably, the parts that are not the same.

Do VW make Audi engines?

VW group uses core engines across their line, Porsche, Audi, VW, Skoda, Lambo (yep), etc. And also, the 2017 US based Jetta, shares many platform components with Audi Q3, and the last generation Audi A3. Why did Volkswagen not offer more powerful engines in the woefully underpowered Microbus and Vanagon?

Which Audi car is best to buy?

Best Audi Cars and SUVs in 20202020 Audi A3.2021 Audi Q8.2021 Audi A6.2020 Audi Q7.2020 Audi e-tron.2020 Audi TT.2020 Audi Q5.2021 Audi Q3.More items…•