Question: What Does WAFF Mean?

How do you spell WAFF?

Waffle, wof′l, n.

a kind of batter-cake, baked over the fire in an iron utensil of hinged halves called a Waff′le-ī′ron..

Is wafting a real word?

Waft is a term meaning to “carry along gently as through the air.” The term is commonly used to describe scents that have diffused into other parts of a room, or to describe smoke as being seen moving through the air. … Wafting may be used for everyday substances, to make sure they are fresh, or consumable.

What does waft mean?

: to move or go lightly on or as if on a buoyant medium heavenly aromas wafted from the kitchen. transitive verb. : to cause to move or go lightly by or as if by the impulse of wind or waves. waft. noun.

What does IWK mean in texting?

I wouldn’t knowiwk : I wouldn’t know.

Is FAWE a word?

adjective. 1. Fain; glad; delighted.

What embrace means?

1a : to clasp in the arms : hug. b : cherish, love. 2 : encircle, enclose. 3a : to take up especially readily or gladly embrace a cause. b : to avail oneself of : welcome embraced the opportunity to study further.

What is another word for wafting?

What is another word for wafting?levitatingdriftingrisingascendingfloatingsoaringdrifting upflying uprising upsoaring up2 more rows

Is WAFF a word?

waff v. (Britain, dialectal, archaic, intransitive) To bark; to woof. WAFF n.

What does Scappy mean?

doing the right thingScrappy means being willing to take risks and put yourself out there. Scrappy means doing the right thing, even when you don’t feel like it. Scrappy means having the steely resolve of a street fighter. … Scrappy means being absolutely, totally committed to extraordinary results.