Quick Answer: How Do I Download Roc?

How do I make a true copy of a document?

To certify a document simply take a photocopied copy and the original and ask the person to certify the copy by:Writing ‘Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me’ on the document.Signing and dating it.Printing their name under the signature.Adding their occupation, address and telephone number..

How do I download AOA and MOA?

How can I get a copy of MOA and AOA of my company? You can get a copy of your companies MOA and AOA using Get Certified Copy service of MCA. Select Document Category as Incorporation Documents and select Year of Filing i.e, Incorporation Year. Make a payment of fees and create a request for its certified copies.

What is ROC compliance?

What is ROC Compliance? ROC stands for Registrar of Companies which is an office under the Indian Ministry of corporate affairs that deal with the administration of the Companies Act, 2013. … It is important to comply with all compliances applicable to your company to avoid penalties and fines.

How do I find a company’s master data?

DATA & REPORTSCompany Master Data. To view master details of any company/LLP registered with Registrar of Companies click on ‘View Company Master Data’ … Index of Charges. To view the details of ‘Register of Charges’ for the companies/LLPs click on ‘View Index of Charges’Signatory Details.

How do I download my LLP registration certificate?

Step 2: Go to “Get Certified Copies” tab under “MCA Services” tab (extremely right, top second). Step 3: Type the CIN/name of the Company of which we need the certified copies and select the Company details. Step 4: Select the document of which certified copy is required and the year in which the same was filed.

What is a ROC document?

The ROC provides incorporation certificate which is the conclusive evidence of the existence of any company. A company, once incorporated, cannot cease unless the name of the company is struck-off from the register of companies.

What are the documents required for ROC filing?

Documents Required for ROC Annual Filing Profit & Loss Account: Form AOC-4 to be filed while ROC filing by all companies. Annual Return: MGT 7 to be filed by companies. Cost Audit Report: Form CRA 4 to be filed by the companies.

Who can file ROC return?

Every company is required to file the annual accounts and annual return as per The Companies Act, 2013 within 30 days and 60 days respectively from the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting.

What are ROC charges?

Registration of Charges in Company. … The Companies Act, 2013 requires all companies to file the requisite particulars with the ROC for all security created over the assets of the company. The process of creating a security over assets of the company is referred to as registration of charges or creation of charges.

How do you remove ROC charge?

You have to file 17 with ROC for satisfaction of charge with bank letter of satisfaction of Loan with 30 days of date mentioned on loan satisfaction letter received from bank. In case you fail to file form 17 within 30 days no issue at all. You may upload the same with ROC with normal late fee.

first of all generate a challan of Rs. 50 for public inspection of document of your client and this challan should be name on the person who will go to regional roc office for search or in case of company name , one authority letter should be there, and that challan will be valid upto next day only.

Is ROC filing mandatory?

Company is required to File Return of Deposits and money not considered as deposits in E-Form DPT-3 with the ROC before 30th June for every financial year ending on 31 March.