Quick Answer: Is It Take Away Or Takeaway?

How do you write take away?

Take note of these extra tips for writing takeaways.Use Strong Verbs.

Consider Both Internal and External Actions.

Avoid “Yes” or “No” Takeaways.

Use the Most Appropriate Format.

Use the Most Appropriate Point of View.

Use the Most Appropriate Length..

What is take out called in England?

A take-out or takeout (U.S., Canada, & the Philippines); carry-out or to-go (Scotland and some dialects in the U.S. & Canada); take-away (U.K., Australia, South Africa, & Ireland, and occasionally in North America); takeaways (New Zealand); grab-n-go; and parcel (India & Bangladesh Pakistan) is a prepared meal or other …

What should I take away from leadership training?

Fitness, Nutrition, and wellbeing are all key takeaways from a leadership training, because ‘You can’t manage time, you can only manage your energy.

How do you spell shower?

Correct spelling for the English word “shower” is [ʃˈa͡ʊə], [ʃˈa‍ʊə], [ʃ_ˈaʊ_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What was the first take away food?

It’s no accident that takeout became popular alongside cake mixes, TV dinners and other convenience foods. The first mention of delivery service was none other than – you guessed it – a pizza place, once again in Los Angeles, in 1952. Casa D’Amore promised free delivery, as long as you made the minimum order of $2.50.

What are three takeaways?

So that is your three key takeaways – informational, statistical and self reflective.

What are the key takeaways from the session?

Here are the key takeaways from the session:Need to focus on experience, not just education. … Stop looking at work and life as a dichotomy. … VUCA + Employee pushback is a new normal. … Reflection is a great feedback mechanism for learning. … It’s not profit vs.

What is the opposite of take away?

What is the opposite of take away?givekeepreceiverefuserejectrequeststoplet godistribute

What does takeout mean in restaurants?

: food that is cooked in a restaurant and taken by a customer to be eaten in another place. : a restaurant that sells takeout.

What is your takeaway?

The take-away is the main point of something, like a lesson or presentation, to learn and remember. An example of the take away is when your boss gives a 20 minute lecture but at the end says “so, basically just remember if you are late you are fired.”

What is your take Meaning?

Yes it means “what’s your opinion?”. You might also say “what do you think?” “What’s your take on it” is usually used when asking someone what they thought of a situation, as it means”how do you see it from your viewpoint”.

What is another word for Rob?

In this page you can discover 102 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rob, like: cop, fleece, burglarize, despoil, pluck, overcharge, strip, loot, deprive of, withhold from and defraud.

What is a British takeaway?

Noun. takeaway (plural takeaways) (chiefly Britain, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand) A restaurant that sells food to be eaten elsewhere. If you’re hungry, there’s a takeaway just around the corner. (chiefly Britain, Australia and New Zealand) A meal bought to be eaten elsewhere.

What is the nearest definition of takeaways?

1 : a conclusion to be made based on presented facts or information : a main point or key message to be learned or understood from something experienced or observed The takeaway is clear: cats are a growing environmental concern because they are driving down some native bird populations …—

How do you use take away in a sentence?

Take away sentence examplesDusty knew the memory of killing in order to be initiated wasn’t something even Bianca could take away from him. … There was nothing he could say that would take away the pain he’d just caused.More items…

What’s another word for takeaway?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for take away, like: carry off, deduct, detract, bear off, cart-off, takeout, remove, take, withdraw, take out and bear-away.

What did you take away from the meeting?

The takeaways from a meeting are the one or two things you leave having learned or knowing that you now need to do. … The takeaways from a news article will probably be the main facts you’ve learned from it.

What is opposite word of away?

Antonym of Away Word. Antonym. Away. Toward. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

Is take out one word or two?

Words that are very common tend to take a one-word unhyphenated noun form (e.g., takeout, sightseeing). Some spelling systems use a hyphen to distinguish an adjective form from a noun form (e.g., takeout n, take-out adj). Also, there is a trend these days toward less punctuation.