What Are Helper Files?

What is role of SQLite open helper?

A helper class to manage database creation and version management.

You create a subclass implementing onCreate , onUpgrade and optionally onOpen , and this class takes care of opening the database if it exists, creating it if it does not, and upgrading it as necessary..

What is a helper library?

A client library, sometimes called a helper library, is a set of code that application developers can add to their development projects. It provides chunks of code that do the basic things an application needs to do in order to interact with the API.

Does CodeIgniter prevent SQL injection?

SQL injection is an attack made on database query. In PHP, we are use mysql_real_escape_string() function to prevent this along with other techniques but CodeIgniter provides inbuilt functions and libraries to prevent this.

What is helper function?

A helper function is a function that performs part of the computation of another function. Helper functions are used to make your programs easier to read by giving descriptive names to computations. They also let you reuse computations, just as with functions in general.

What is Base_url PHP?

base_url() is a function defined in url helper of the Framework. You can learn more about helper in Codeigniter user guide’s helper section. … Also, make sure you have well defined base_url value in your config/config. php file.

What are helpers called?

What is another word for helper?assistantaidecolleaguehelpmatesupporterallyattendantcollaboratorhenchmanmate229 more rows

What is difference between Base_url and Site_url?

base_url is without the index_page or url_suffix being appended. like site_url , you can supply segments as a string or an array. If you want a URL access to a resource use base_url you can supply a string to a file, such as an image or stylesheet else site_url is enough.

How do I redirect in CI?

The CodeIgniter URL Helper comes to the rescue with the redirect() function that performs a header redirect to the path you specify as a parameter. redirect( ‘/login/form/’ , ‘refresh’ ); Just make sure you load the URL Helper prior to expecting this to work.

What is the use of helper in CodeIgniter?

They are simple, procedural functions. Each helper function performs one specific task, with no dependence on other functions. CodeIgniter does not load Helper Files by default, so the first step in using a Helper is to load it. Once loaded, it becomes globally available in your controller and views.

Should helper classes be static?

You should make them static to avoid wasting memory on class instances. … Helper classes that contain nothing but static methods should themselves be declared static to prevent you from accidentally adding non-static members and from instantiating the classes.

What is the difference between helper and library in CodeIgniter?

A CodeIgniter helper is a set of related functions (Common functions) which you could use them within Models, Views, Controllers,.. everywhere. Once you load (include) that file, you can get access to the functions. But a Library is a class, which you need to make an instance of the class (by $this->load->library() ).

What is URL Helper in CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter’s URL helpers are groups of utility functions which will help you to call ,create and maintain url. It mainly have more than 20 helpers some of them you might be familiar with are URL, email, form etc. These are some common helper functions that generaly used in web based application for email, files, URLs.

How do you use a helper?

CodeIgniter HelperTo use helper files, you need to load it. … To load URL helper,You can also auto-load a helper if your application needs that helper globally by adding the helper in application/config/autoload. … Go to autoload.php file via application/config/autoload.php.More items…

What is a helper class in Android?

Helper Class is a Java class which includes basic error handling, some helper functions etc. … It implements the most commonly used functions excluding the functions that are already present in java library. Different helper class contains different methods depending upon the need of the program.

What are helper classes in Java?

In object-oriented programming, a helper class is used to assist in providing some functionality, which isn’t the main goal of the application or class in which it is used. … A utility class is a special case of a helper class in which the methods are all static.