What Are Two Typical Activities For A Product Owner In A Sprint?

What is typical work for a product owner in a sprint choose 2 answers?

What are two typical activities for a Product Owner in a Sprint.

Attend every Daily Scrum to answer functional questions on the discussed Sprint Backlog items.

Update the work plan for the Development Team on a daily basis.

Work with the Development Team on Product Backlog refinement..

Which two statements explain why the definition of done is important to the product owner?

Which two statements explain why the definition of “Done” is important to the Product Owner? It assures the Increment reviewed at the Sprint review is usable so the Product Owner may choose to release it. It creates transparency regarding progress within the Scrum Team.

Which two activities are part of the product owner role?

The Product Owner keeps communicating with the stakeholders, creates new items in the Product Backlog, revises the order of items, answers questions and makes sure everyone has the right understanding of items, and checks the completed items with the Development Team to ensure they are complete based on the Definition …

What two things should be done if product owner is unavailable?

The solution to an absent Product Owner is surprisingly simple. Ideally, as a Product Owner, you would like to have a couple of Sprint of ‘ready’ work on the Product Backlog so in case you get ill or go on a holiday the development team can continue working and does not come to a complete stop.

How much time must a product owner spend with the Scrum team?

It’s a big waste of time and it’s not how you add value to the Scrum Team. It just helps building the thing right, but not building the right thing. Based on my personal experience, a Product Owner should only spend 20% of their time on delivery, 80% on discovery and validation.

Which two metrics will help a product owner establish that value is being delivered?

So, the manager can investigate the artifacts of the Scrum Team (Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog) and visit the next Sprint Review. Which two (2) metrics will help a Product Owner establish that value is being delivered? A and C are correct. EBM guide: Customer Satisfaction KVM and Time to Market KVA.