Will A Glock 43x Fit A 43 Holster?

Is the Glock 43x easy to conceal?

It’s easy to conceal — owing to its thin 1.06-inch width, short barrel and short grip.

However, for me, the grip is the downside.

It’s a two-finger affair, and its short height limits standard capacity to six in the magazine.

The Glock 43X shares the same 3.41-inch barrel and only adds ..

Is the Glock 43 worth buying?

The G43 is small and light enough for pocket carry. If you’ve pocket carried a Smith & Wesson hammerless snubbie 642, the Glock 43 is an easy choice for EDC. If you haven’t, pocket-carrying the Glock 43 is well worth the price of admission.

Which is better Glock 43 or 43x?

While the Glock 43 comes with a flush 6 round magazine, the 43x holds 4 additional rounds to bump those rookie numbers up to 10 rounds with a flush magazine. When it comes to magazine capacity, bigger is almost always better and the 43x is certainly delivering with an additional 4 rounds.

Are Glock 43 and 43x barrels the same?

The G43 and G43X are both still small guns with a barrel length of 3.41 inches, and the G43X is longer with an overall length of 6.5 inches. The G43 has an overall length of 6.26 inches.

What is the best holster for a Glock 43x?

Glock 43X OWB For those who live in an open-carry jurisdiction, or who prefer OWB holsters under loose garments, the G43X holster is comfortable and easy to carry. The 43X OWB also comes in right- or left-handed options, making it perfect for the Southpaw or ambidextrous shooter.